What are your business hours?

Our business hours are Monday- Friday 8am - 5pm PST


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship everywhere! Please refer to our Shipping & Policies page for more info. 

I have a problem with my order, what do I do?

Customer service is our number one priority. Please contact us via email (hello@jewelboxsupply.com) or through our contact page in regards to your order so we can do our best to make it right!



The item I want is sold out, when will it come back?

Some items, like custom prints, are exclusive to our themed launches and will not come back. There is no guarantee that the colors will restock. Your opinion counts! Please become a part of our Facebook VIP group (Gems of Jewel Box Supply) to vote on restocks and of course lots more!

Can I request specific colors and prints?

Yes! We value your opinions greatly! Please become a part of our Facebook VIP group (Gems of Jewel Box Supply) and voice your suggestions!


I can't find the other fabrics pictured in the color palettes. How do I buy?

They may be sold out or from a previous launch that are no longer available. Join our Facebook Group "Gems of Jewel Box Supply" to ask or you can always email us!

Will you pre-order when products sell out fast?

Some products we offer preorders on! Make sure you stay up to date in our Facebook group: "Gems of Jewel Box Supply" and turn on Post Notifications on our instagram page (@jewelboxsupply) to get the details and to be in the know!

What do you use to glue the faux leathers in place?

Hot glue just won't glue the top of the faux leathers and E6000 does the trick but lots of people feel its too toxic. My absolute favorite is Gorilla Super Glue Gel or Aleene's Quick Dry Fabric Fusion. It drys super fast so you have to work quick. Only downside is that it will not work on felt because felt is so porous. You will have to go back to your trusty hot glue gun for felt :)